November 3, 2019

Prof. Dr. Fangqi Xu visited the German Association for Creativity (GAC) in Darmstadt, Germany from November 1st to 4th. He gave a keynote speech on Creativity Development in Japan and a creativity workshop at a meeting of the GAC. Prof. Dr. Jörg Mehlhorn, who is President of the GAC gave the CREO Award to Prof. Xu. The CREO is an achievement award and was first presemted in 2007. The next day, Prof. Dr. Horst Geschka, who is the founder and chairman of GAC guided Prof. Xu to a trip to Heidelberg.

Prof. Xu and Prof. Dr. Mehlhorn
Prof. Xu, Prof. Mehlhorn and Prof. Geschka

September 6, 2019

Prof. Fangqi Xu visited Prof. Tudor Rickards in Manchester, UK, in September 5-6, 2019. During his stay, Prof. Rickards guided him to the museum of Science and Industry and Manchester Business School. Prof. Rickards also signed the constitution of IACI and took a commemorative photo with Prof. Xu.